Solar DC Home Light (Ayush) Back

It has been our long cherished dream to bring down price of Solar DC Home lighting system when battery and some of its required spare’s price are day by day shooting high and make it unaffordable for those who just for few money cannot enjoy more than half of the life comparing to urban counterpart. Natural System’s entire team dedicated completely to this cause and today we have solution meant for every single requirement where Grid electricity is completely unavailable and life becomes almost standstill after Sunset. Portability, ruggedness, reliability, easy to install, complete kit, easy maintenance, long durability and assurance of proper servicing are some of the key features that have added winning feather to our success story. Today almost 3,876 + systems installation are there in Eastern and North-Eastern part of India, and now we are present in North India too. Every single component has been chosen after thorough quality testing and random checkup of the raw materials supplied by top manufacturers. Availability from low range to high range as a complete package is another reason of quick and passionate selection of our customers, besides assurance of after sales support team who are always ready to render service with smiling face. In case of group purchase in village, a soft loan facility is made available through some Banking and NBC institutions. Precisely we do not just sell Home lighting system; we bring hope and real life to million’s lives.


Features: -

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Various models are available depending up on, number of lights and total back up.
  • Model available with DC Lights and Fans.
  • Minimum maintenance and Long life.
  • The Battery used has high storage capacity and low energy loss.
  • Approved by MNRE/Nationalizes Banks, PEP, and other agencies.
  • Ideal for homes/Farm houses/Hotels/hospitals/Guest Houses/Security Guard Offices/Check posts/Banks etc.
  • Available with 1 Light to 8 Lights with Fan, Radio etc.
  • Lower in cost compare to AC home lighting system.
  • Ideal for rural as well urban electrification.


Application: -

  • Home lighting
  • Study room lighting
  • Community centers
  • Small shops
  • Businesses
  • Health center dispensaries
  • Emergency power backups
  • Rural bank branches
  • Military camps


Benefits: -

  • Better quality of life
  • Reliable power whenever  required
  • No black outs
  • Increases status of life enhancing the working time for working people.



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