Solar LED Lantern (Shatadeep) Back

Shatadeep is a brand new name in Solar Lantern world aiming to light up million & million homes in rural and urban India where heart of this country lives, with complete reliability and long back up capacity ideal for lengthy and continuous usage. None of its part got overlooked by our production team to ensure it comes with fineness of user’s choices. LED light, beautiful body, MOSFET switch, Epoxy glass cover and some of its unique electronics features have brought within very little span an unique identity to it among many. It comes in two variant with i) metal & ii) plastic body. Price is exactly what a rural and urban household can bear to light her home. Shatadeep is very ideal for study and any other household job purpose in night because of flicker free steady warm white light. To ensure easy findings, we have made it available at present with 77 dealers and NGOs across the country. Kerosene lamps are responsible for the annual emission of over 100 million tons of CO2; each lamp emits one ton of CO2 over the course of its five year life. There is a different way – each Solar Sister lamp sold can replace one or more kerosene lamps, thereby reducing global carbon emissions on the scale of tens of thousands of tons


Solar Lantern (Model LS110): -

  • Durable plastic body
  • 6 white LED lantern with bright luminance (>= 350 Lux)
  • Lantern with deeming and brighten capability
  • Mobile phone charger available with lantern
  • Electric charging option available


 Solar Lantern (Model LS 110A): -

  • Lantern with metal body
  • 40 LED lantern for bright lighting
  • Lantern with deeming and brighten capability
  • Mobile phone charger available with lantern
  • Electric charging option available.


Features: -

  • Light Weight and rugged Body.
  • Metal Grill For safety.
  • Upto 5 hours of light.
  • 360º Uniform Light.
  • Available in 3 variants.


Application: -

  • People without electrification, who lack a safety, dependable, inexpensive light source
  • People with unreliable electrical power who require a backup light.
  • Emergency lighting for home, work, or travel
  • Camping, backpacking, angling, and other outdoor activities
  • Disaster relief and use in temporary housing, shelters, clinics
  • Lighting for attics, garages, sheds, and other areas
  • Promoting reading, education, economic activity, and sustainable development


Benefits: -

  • Lighting to last for 6hour/day in the Bright Mode, 7hour/day in the Medium Mode and throughout night in the Bed Lamp Mode.
  • Battery low, charging and full charge indications.
  • Maintenance free VRLA  SMF battery.





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