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People at Natural Systems specialize in design and supply of solar energy systems for all remote applications. We have designed, supplied and installed systems for a wide range of clients and systems we have designed include: water pumping, remote automation, school classroom, as well as residential electricity. We can design and supply a system to meet your exact needs and our systems include all balance-of-system components.


Configurations may include a mixture of possible electrical generating sources, including inverters and batteries. Options include:

Solar PV modules

  • Diesel or Petrol generators

Hybrid systems comprising of two or more of those mentioned above


24 x 7 Power for off-grid applications.


Remote power systems are ideal for providing energy to rural properties, holiday homes, alternative power systems and small community power supplies. If you live in an area where there is no electricity and connecting to the electricity grid is not an option, most likely it is far too expensive! Coupled with sunshine, a solar provides a reliable, safe, environment friendly and user-friendly source of electricity for a very long time. A solar power solution will need little maintenance simply because there are no moving parts. Component failure is very rare and come with superb guarantees; solar panels offer a 20 to 25 years warranty as standard. Best of all, you are generating your own electricity for free!

With an off grid system you will need somewhere to store the generated electricity and this is usually stored in batteries. The battery bank provides electricity at night, and during periods of cloud cover.

Remote power systems are installed for a range of reasons, including: -


  1. expensive grid connection;
  2. desire to use renewable energy;
  3. low running costs;
  4. environmentally safe - no overhead wire;
  5. desire for independence from the grid.

Systems can comprise of

  • A stand-alone Solar PV system and batteries with inverter to run AC appliances.
  • A stand-alone Solar PV system and batteries without inverter to run DC appliances.
  • An Off-grid system Solar PV system without battery but with inverter to run AC appliances (Grid Support Conditioner)

Stand-alone solar (only PV) systems require high availability and so systems are often over sized, to account for long summer short winter sunshine. Over sizing is expensive, but may be necessary for applications in remote areas, On the other hand, house design and orientation, plus a planned maintenance schedule and careful choice of energy sources and appliances are of critical importance.



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