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Solar AC Electrical System: -

Most of the houses and firms in metro and urban India, nowadays use AC (Alternative Current) system instead of DC (Direct Current) as their primary source of electricity in day to day life. Country like India and or tropical climatic countries get plenty sunlight throughout the year in varied proportion enough to power all their electrical needs by the meaningful and scientific use of solar energy. Natural Systems brings a fantastic and yet very strong system to harness on one hand solar power and other hand technically proved and competent home electrical system to power up your home or office or both with reliability and sustainability. The system is cost effective and “Pound Making” in nature, comes in two variants.



2. Corporate


SOHO System: -


Our SOHO systems are starting from 200 VA and ending at 5 KVA systems, Off-Grid in nature. All the systems are time tested, rugged, beautifully and aesthetically designed where technology has been blended with human art of precision in quality and performance.

We take pride to say that today with almost 10,000 + unit’s installation in SOHO segment Natural Systems is trend setter and market definition maker in solar HOME inverting sector, meeting customers demand with ever smiling face.

Before final shipment from our factory every model and unit is tested under stringent quality control environment for their optimum use and maximum shelf life. When you select us for any sort of electrical backup/captive power plant for your home and or office; you choose “Complete peace of mind” that comes in almost with zero maintenance and negligible bumpy journey towards green world.

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